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Business project in Senegal – microkrediet voor straatkinderen

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2014 |  2013

Periodieke updates uit 2014

Quarterly Report - July - September 2014

During the period from July to September the Micro-finance office has disbursed, since its starting, 37 loans for talibe businesses. During this period we disbursed four loans. It is also a period where we focused on the market research in Saint-Louis’ big marketplace in order to detect new types of micro businesses that can fit with our potential beneficiaries.

Quarterly Report - April - June 2014

During the period from April to June the Micro-finance Project was supporting 33 beneficiaries. After a short pause that permitted the creation of a better organizational structure, we started the business installation of Mamadou Mballo, Fodé Mballo, Alpha Ba and Saliou Boiro. We installed these businesses by meticulously following the steps dictated by the new micro-finance flow chart procedure.

Quarterly Report - Jan - March 2014

The project has, since its beginning (July 2012), funded 33 talibés from different nationalities. From the period of January 2014 to March 2014 only one loan had been disbursed to a potential beneficiary (Issa Seydi, 29th) for several reasons. We decided to focus our energy on the amelioration of the organizational structure that would provide a system with the bare minimum risks and mistakes for talibés business.

Periodieke updates uit 2013

Quarterly Report - August 2013

From May to the end of July, we’ve done 12 training sessions at ASF Talibé Centre and 12 training sessions at Projects Abroad centre: a total of 24 training lessons for potential beneficiaries. Every Thursday morning, we give business lessons to funded beneficiaries. Every other Monday, we collect reimbursements and fulfilled daily transactions tables which gives us essential information on the Talibés’ businesses.

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