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Orphans in Bolivia get their own garden

Orphanage group

During September and October, volunteers and staff created a flower garden at the Casa de la Alegría, one of our Care & Community placements in Bolivia.

The first step was to hold a meeting for everyone who would be interested in taking part in this project. Volunteers then took a trip to the market with one of our staff members to buy shovels, and other gardening tools needed for the work. On the first day volunteers were able to remove rubbish and begin digging! Once the ground was prepared, we had a huge truckload of grass brought in to lay down over 40 square meters of grass. Even a small hill, by request of the girls, was placed in the middle of the garden - for flowers! Once the grass was in place, volunteers bought flowers to place all around the new garden.

Zita and Sarah with the kids

We've had a bit of rain since then and the grass is growing quite quickly! It looks fantastic and the girls at the orphanage are thrilled at having a bit of green area to run their toes through! Volunteers Sarah Hargreaves and June Uppal are making sure the girls are watering the garden daily and keeping the area clean. Activities are also being done keeping the "garden" theme an important one. Sarah Hargreaves has painted stones to decorate alongside the garden. Each girl at the home has designed their own stone to place in the garden. The Garden Project with its interaction between volunteer and orphan has truly, giving Casa de la Alegria, the true meaning of its name - House of Joy!

Just finished!

Every two months our colleagues and volunteers in Bolivia work on a community project. All volunteers, no matter which project they have come out to do, are welcome to join us in making a difference during their free time! This could involve painting, fixing up broken down doors or closets or even replacing old windows in an orphanage. Previously volunteers have painted up both Maria Cristina Orphanage and the Centro de Acogida Temporal - a centre for the disabled.

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