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A woman's suitcase full of her packing essentials

Door Thom Brown 13 februari 2020

Getting Ready for Ghana: 5 Volunteer Packing Tips

A different climate to what you're used to, it can be hard to know what to pack when travelling to Ghana. This packing guide is here to help.

Locals on the Mekong river in Cambodia

Door Jonatan Durand 12 februari 2020

9 Things to Expect When Traveling to Cambodia

Cambodia isn’t usually on people's bucket lists. Outside of Southeast Asia, most people don’t know much about its rich history, culture, food, and beautiful sites.

Elephants playing in a national park in Ghana

Door Thom Brown 11 februari 2020

5 Things to Expect When Travelling to Ghana

After touching down in Accra, it’s a small step off the plane, but a giant leap into the unknown. No matter how much research you do beforehand, experiencing Ghana for real is intense.

Chinese temple next to a body of water

Door Projects Abroad 07 februari 2020

Coronavirus 2020 - Projects Abroad response

In recent weeks, we have had many questions from upcoming travellers about the impact of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) on international travel. We have compiled some of the most common questions and our responses below.

Door Zachary Mason 04 februari 2020

5 Things to Expect When Travelling to Argentina

In the capital city of Cordoba, streets intersect with grand palms, stray dogs, and street performers. The chaos of a big city seems lost in this idyllic haven, where you can always find a peaceful plaza, a conversant stranger, or a nearby river to escape.

Volunteers showing their painting on a Kindergarten wall in Cambodia

Door Jonatan Durand 23 januari 2020

Getting Ready for Cambodia: Volunteer Preparation Guide

Feeling prepared while planning your trip to Cambodia is important, especially if you’re travelling there for the first time as a volunteer or intern. With the help of our team, you should have everything sorted before you embark on your journey (incl.

Visitors walk along the canopy bridge in Ghana's rainforest

Door Thom Brown 22 januari 2020

Getting Ready for Ghana: Volunteer Preparation Guide

As a welcoming country, Ghana is perfect for your first volunteer trip. Once you’ve signed up to one of our programmes, we’ll let you know what to prepare before you set off.  This travel preparation guide exists to answer any initial questions.

Three older volunteers enjoying themselves on their gap year in Thailand

Door Ashwin September 21 januari 2020

Take a Mid Career Gap Year and Explore the World

You’ve been around the block a couple of times, but have you been around the world on a gap year for grown-ups? Have you discovered what you’re truly capable of?

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