Human Rights & Law interns campaigning in Tanzania

Law & Human Rights Internship in Tanzania for Teenagers

Support the human rights of women and children in East Africa

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  • Work with local lawyers to prepare real legal cases
  • Empower women to defend their rights
  • Actively campaign while building skills for your future law career
  • Live with other teenagers in the vibrant city of Arusha
  • Volunteer Service Hours: 40
  • Download an itinerary for this project


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Is Law & Human Rights in Tanzania right for me?

If you’re aged 15 to 18 with an interest in justice, then this Law & Human Rights High School Special is for you. Working with local lawyers, you’ll gain unbeatable experience to help you stand out in a competitive law career.

You’ll live with other teenagers in Arusha, a busy city surrounded by stunning scenery. Your role will be to campaign on some of East Africa’s most pressing issues: illiteracy, domestic violence, and the treatment of young people caught up in crime.

Preparing legal cases, conducting interviews, and attending court, you’ll gain real-world experience. You’ll be actively involved in improving rights in Tanzania. The knowledge and experience you gain will be invaluable.

We’ve partnered with TAWLA (the Tanzania Women Lawyers Association) to ensure this is a worthwhile experience. If you’re an ambitious student looking for the highest level of legal experience while helping vulnerable people, then look no further.

This internship runs on fixed dates during the school holidays – perfect for high school students. You’ll follow a set itinerary that helps you get the most from your time protecting human rights in Tanzania.

Women fighting for their rights in Tanzania

Prepare presentations and conduct interviews

This is a hands-on project, so prepare to get involved from the start. With the help of TAWLA and Projects Abroad staff, you’ll work on presentations on a chosen legal topic. This is a chance to increase your understanding and spread awareness to others.

You’ll present to schools, women in their homes, and a juvenile detention center.

You’ll also conduct interviews to help you get to know the people at the heart of legal cases. By meeting women and children caught up in the justice system, you’ll come to understand the human side of human rights.

These interviews will inform your work as you campaign for the rights of vulnerable people in Tanzania.

Write reports and legal opinion pieces

Within your first few days as a law intern in Arusha, you’ll be handed real case files. These will form the basis of reports and opinion pieces you will write. Your written work will help bring attention to these cases. You’ll play a key role in helping the public get to grips with the importance of human rights.

There is also a strong educational component to this project. You’ll learn about a range of topics from organic farming to the colonial history of Tanzania. This will inform your opinions and give you a well-rounded view of a culture different from your own.

Attend court hearings

If you want to work in law, it’s important to be exposed to legal systems. That’s why we’ll arrange court visits where you can observe legal disputes in real time.

The hearings you observe will depend on what cases are ongoing at the time of your visit. Whatever is being discussed, you’ll have a front-row seat to how courts, lawyers, and judges operate. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by both victims and defendants.

Where in Tanzania will I work?


You’ll be based in Arusha, a city in Tanzania at the foot of Mount Meru. Home to over 500,000 people, it has a buzzing city centre with colourful markets. The outskirts are less developed, with dirt roads and older buildings.

You’ll do your office work, like research and report writing, at the Projects Abroad Human Rights Office (PAHRO). The office is well-equipped and our staff are there to answer your questions. 

You’ll also do fieldwork in local communities. These areas will usually be more remote and rural. People here often lack access to legal advice.

We’ve partnered with TAWLA, a local women’s organisation. A lot of your time will be spent working with them. You’ll also have the opportunity to work in a juvenile detention centre.

Luchthaven transport, vluchten en visums

Na aankomst op de voorafbepaalde luchthaven, zal een medewerker van Projects Abroad je persoonlijk opwachten. Meer informatie over de verschillende luchthavens, oriëntatie en visums kun je op onze Tanzania Aankomstprocedure pagina terugvinden.

What are the aims and impact of this project?

We have long-term goals for all interns completing a Law & Human Rights Project.

We aim to:

  • Eradicate illiteracy in legal issues faced by women in the community
  • Empower women to fight against abuse and stand up for their rights
  • Create a better community with no abuse or violence

Of course, you won’t achieve all these goals alone. However, your impact will help us on our way to creating a society that is safe for women and children.

You’ll help empower women to protect themselves from harm. Your work will spread valuable ideas like respect and equality. This helps lower discrimination while increasing mental and physical wellbeing.

By engaging in the training we offer, you’ll become a confident global citizen. You’ll have the tools needed to help spread respect for human rights.

Teen interns meet local people in Tanzania

Management plans

We hebben onze doelen en belangen van onze projecten uitgeschreven in onze Management Plans. Op deze manier kunnen we uitgebreid plannen welk werk moet gebeuren op elk project. Het helpt ook om het werk te meten en te evalueren wat we elk jaar bereikt hebben.

Het is uiteindelijk de bedoeling dat onze Management Plans de projecten effectiever maken. Je gaat daardoor deel uitmaken van een duurzaam project dat impact heeft waar het echt nodig is. Lees meer over onze Management Plans.

Onze impact

Elk jaar helpen duizenden jongeren en stagiaires om een verschil te maken over de hele wereld. Tijdens hun ervaring in het buitenland dragen ze bij tot de duurzame doelstellingen die we elk jaar vooropstellen, met de bedoeling om een duurzame impact te maken op de gemeenschappen.

Om alle verwezenlijkingen te verzamelen, ontwikkelen we elk jaar een Jongerenreizen Impact Report. Lees meer over alle projecten en hun impact in het afgelopen jaar.

Maaltijden en accommodatie

Je gaat bij een gastgezin verblijven in Arusha. Zij verwelkomen je met open armen in hun eigen huis en delen hun gewoontes en cultuur met je. Dit is de beste manier om jezelf volledig onder te dompelen in lokale cultuur van Tanzania en een unieke ervaring te beleven.

Tijdens onze Jongerenreizen proberen we ervoor te zorgen dat je een kamer deelt met minstens een andere vrijwilliger of stagiaire van hetzelfde geslacht en leeftijd. Jouw kamer is bescheiden maar comfortabel, proper en veilig.

De kostprijs van het project is inclusief drie maaltijden per dag.

Lees meer over onze accommodatie.

Veiligheid en ondersteuning

Jouw veiligheid heeft onze hoogste prioriteit. We hebben verschillende procedures opgezet zodat jouw ervaring in het buitenland zorgeloos en veilig verloopt. Onze Projects Abroad staff is 24/7 beschikbaar, zowel door de week als tijdens het weekend, om je te ondersteunen en begeleiden. Zij zorgen ervoor dat jij je altijd veilig en comfortabel voelt. Mocht je ergens tegenaan lopen, dan zijn ze altijd beschikbaar om je te helpen.


Lees meer over veiligheid en ondersteuning.

Bij jouw inschrijving vragen we een aanbetaling te doen van slechts €295, wat wordt afgetrokken van de totaalprijs.

Wil je graag meer dan een project doen? Bel ons dan op 049 7799909 en we kijken graag of een korting mogelijk is.

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