A Projects Abroad intern meets with a patient on our medical internship for teenagers in Mongolia

Medical Internship in Mongolia for Teenagers

Gain medical experience by learning directly from doctors and doing health checks during outreaches

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  • Shadow doctors on our medical internship in Mongolia as a youth while you gain experience working in a hospital.
  • In your internship you will learn medical skills and give the small communities access to healthcare while you are learning. You will be working in Ulaanbaatar, a very busy city with other teenagers your age.
  • You will have the chance to learn about many different cultures and make many new friends.


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Is a Medicine internship in Mongolia for teenagers right for me?

If you are a teenager thinking about a career in medicine, then our Medicine High School Special in Mongolia is for you!

You’ll gain medical work experience as you observe doctors in a hospital setting, and assist them during community outreaches. This will add value to your CV, and give you unique, interesting points to talk about in applications and interviews.

You don’t need experience to join us. We’ll teach you everything you need to know, and Projects Abroad staff are there to guide and support you every step of the way. However, please be aware that if you're 15 years old by the time you fly to Mongolia, you need to be accompanied by an adult.

This High School Special runs over fixed dates in the summer and follows a set itinerary with social activities and a weekend trip added. You pick the dates that fit your schedule. You’ll work and explore Mongolia with a group, along with constant supervision from our staff.

Teenagers at the hospital where they'll spend their medical internship in Mongolia

What will I be doing during the Medicine internship for high school students?

In Mongolia, you’ll shadow doctors at hospitals and get practical experience at community outreaches. Here are a few of the tasks you’ll be involved in:

  • Shadow and observe doctors and nurses on their rounds at a local hospital
  • Attend medical training workshops and learn basic healthcare skills
  • Complete basic health checks during a community outreach, under the supervision of medical staff
  • Experience Mongolian culture and explore with interns your own age

At a Medicine placement in Mongolia for high school students, your work will be split into four areas:

Shadow and observe doctors and nurses on their rounds at a local hospital

There are many hospitals in the city, each of varying sizes. You’ll have the opportunity to work in several of them. You’ll shadow doctors and nurses at each of these hospitals. They’ll teach you about the diseases and conditions you’ll see, and explain how they diagnose and treat them. We encourage you to ask questions and take notes about what you see.

Attend medical training workshops and learn basic healthcare skills

As part of your project, we have organised training sessions for you and the other interns. During these sessions, you’ll learn basic medical skills. You’ll be taught how to:

  • Measure blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Clean and dress minor wounds
  • Prepare injection
  • Perform basic CPR

Complete basic health checks during a community outreach

After you are confident in the new skills you have learned, you’ll be able to put them into practice. Under the supervision of qualified staff, you’ll be able to complete basic health screenings during medical outreaches. This is important work, as you’ll be doing health checks for people who usually have no access to medical services.

Experience Mongolian culture and explore with interns your own age

You’ll live with a local host family, and have constant support from your supervisors during your stay in Mongolia. When you aren’t working, we’ve organised social and cultural activities to keep you busy. In addition, you’ll go on an exciting weekend trip to the famous Chinggis Khan statue and the Terelj National Park. You’ll even get to sing your heart out during karaoke and eat your fill of Mongolian BBQ!

Where in Mongolia will I be working?


You’ll live and work with other teenagers in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city.

This industrialised city is a striking contrast to the open plains that make up most of Mongolia. There are fast food joints next to high-end clothing stores, and museums down the road from karaoke bars. Through the chaotic traffic and constant busy air, Ulaanbaatar will never fail to excite and intrigue you! 

As a medical intern, you’ll work at several hospitals throughout the city. You’ll also take part in community outreaches in disadvantaged areas. Projects Abroad staff will be with you at all times.

Luchthaven transport, vluchten en visums

Na aankomst op de voorafbepaalde luchthaven, zal een medewerker van Projects Abroad je persoonlijk opwachten. Meer informatie over de verschillende luchthavens, oriëntatie en visums kun je op onze Mongolië Aankomstprocedure pagina terugvinden.

What are the aims and impact of this Medicine internship in Mongolia for teenagers?

The aim of this internship is to provide medical work experience for teenagers in Mongolia. This will help you decide if medicine is the right career for you. We give you the opportunity to do this by having you shadow doctors on their rounds at a hospital. This will give you a better idea of what it’s like to be a doctor.

In Mongolia, basic medical services are not always available in disadvantaged areas. We’re working to change this by going out into these communities and doing free basic health checks. You’ll be part of this work, and we’ll teach you basic medical skills. These include measuring blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Outreach work not only gives you the opportunity to do hands-on work under supervision, it also demonstrates your commitment to helping people in need. This is an important aspect of a medical career. 

Join a medical internship for teenagers in Mongolia, and gain medical work experience while giving back to disadvantaged communities.

An intern learns to give injections on our Medicine placement for high school students in Mongolia.

Management plans

We hebben onze doelen en belangen van onze projecten uitgeschreven in onze Management Plans. Op deze manier kunnen we uitgebreid plannen welk werk moet gebeuren op elk project. Het helpt ook om het werk te meten en te evalueren wat we elk jaar bereikt hebben.

Het is uiteindelijk de bedoeling dat onze Management Plans de projecten effectiever maken. Je gaat daardoor deel uitmaken van een duurzaam project dat impact heeft waar het echt nodig is. Lees meer over onze Management Plans.

Onze impact

Elk jaar helpen duizenden jongeren en stagiaires om een verschil te maken over de hele wereld. Tijdens hun ervaring in het buitenland dragen ze bij tot de duurzame doelstellingen die we elk jaar vooropstellen, met de bedoeling om een duurzame impact te maken op de gemeenschappen.

Om alle verwezenlijkingen te verzamelen, ontwikkelen we elk jaar een Jongerenreizen Impact Report. Lees meer over alle projecten en hun impact in het afgelopen jaar.

Maaltijden en accommodatie

Je gaat accommodatie delen met andere Projects Abroad vrijwilligers en stagiaires in Ulaanbaatar. Op deze manier leer je de andere vrijwilligers en stagiaires beter kennen, kun je ervaringen uitwisselen, en samen de lokale omgeving beleven.

Tijdens onze Jongerenreizen proberen we ervoor te zorgen dat je een kamer deelt met minstens een andere vrijwilliger of stagiaire van hetzelfde geslacht en leeftijd. Jouw kamer is bescheiden maar comfortabel, proper en veilig.

De kostprijs van het project is inclusief drie maaltijden per dag.

Lees meer over onze accommodatie.

Veiligheid en ondersteuning

Jouw veiligheid heeft onze hoogste prioriteit. We hebben verschillende procedures opgezet zodat jouw ervaring in het buitenland zorgeloos en veilig verloopt. Onze Projects Abroad staff is 24/7 beschikbaar, zowel door de week als tijdens het weekend, om je te ondersteunen en begeleiden. Zij zorgen ervoor dat jij je altijd veilig en comfortabel voelt. Mocht je ergens tegenaan lopen, dan zijn ze altijd beschikbaar om je te helpen.


Lees meer over veiligheid en ondersteuning.

Bij jouw inschrijving vragen we een aanbetaling te doen van slechts €295, wat wordt afgetrokken van de totaalprijs.

Wil je graag meer dan een project doen? Bel ons dan op 049 7799909 en we kijken graag of een korting mogelijk is.

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