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Projects Abroad volunteers enjoy their first week of the 2020 Gap Semester in the Galapagos Islands

Going Beyond: Immersive Gap Semester Abroad

A unique program designed for global thinkers in modern times

Options for 2022/23

Peru & The Galapagos Islands (8-10 Weeks)

  • Registration open; apply soon to secure your spot with only a €295 deposit

East Africa (6 Weeks)

  • Registration open; apply soon to secure your spot with only a €295 deposit

Southeast Asia (10 weeks)

  • Registration open; apply soon to secure your spot with only a €295 deposit

Going Beyond in a Nutshell

If a full gap year feels like a tall order right now, consider our modified approach. With the right organisation supporting you, and a flexible programme built around experiential education and cultural immersion, an international gap semester can be even more rewarding. 

Each of our gap semester programs is between 6-10 weeks, and you can participate in a standalone program or combine multiple options.
These modular programs are built to blend seamlessly together, taking you from South America to East Africa and beyond.

Like this concept, but the dates or locations aren't matching up with your schedule?  Don't fret; we can work with you or your school to customise a similar experience that checks all the boxes. Give us a call, send an email, or Live Chat with us today. 

What do you do in a gap semester?

A group of gap year students teach beading at a special needs school in Africa.

What you do in a gap semester is completely up to you! Travel is a popular option for any student looking to:

  • Add global experience to their resumes
  • Live more independently
  • Experience cultural exchange 

In addition, the beauty of a gap semester is in the length. It can range anywhere from 1-3 months or longer. You can fully immerse yourself in the experience without feeling the pressure of committing to be away from home or school for longer. 

Everything is planned for you during any one of our gap semester programs, and our staff will be there for you whenever you need them. Each program covers a variety of areas, so you get to experience a bit of everything. This is hugely valuable for students still figuring out what they really want to do, and those looking to spice up their gap year with variety!

While most of the available projects focus on volunteering, we can facilitate internships during your gap semester if you need to fulfill requirements for school; you just need to let us know.

Can I take a gap semester abroad in 2022? Short Answer, Yes

2021 was an immensely challenging year for travel. As the world gradually opens up and travel restrictions ease, it becomes easier to plan ahead for your gap semester abroad in 2022 onward.

All of the countries where we run our gap semester programs have been successful in curbing the spread of COVID-19. Now their economies are in need of volunteers and visitors to help support them. 

Read about our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our enhanced safety protocols.

Need some help?

Our Project Experts are here to answer any questions you have about joining a gap semester program in 2020/2021:

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