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A Parent's View: Mother of Anna Malan - Ghana

Kakum rainforest in Ghana

1. What were your initial concerns when your daughter suggested volunteering abroad?
My biggest concern was her personal safety; I was worried that travelling around the country may not be safe because of the transport system. I was also concerned about her health and worried about the diseases she could catch.

2. How did Projects Abroad handle your concerns?
Right from the start they were reassuring and I was encouraged by the fact that I could always talk to somebody who had experience of the country.

3. Did you have enough contact with the office staff prior to applying for the project?
Yes. It was mostly phone contact. I found the office staff friendly and their enthusiasm was truly infectious. The staff seemed really friendly and approachable, and gave the impression that nothing was too much; they always had plenty of time for my questions and concerns.

4. Did you feel reassured that your daughter could reach support from our staff throughout their time overseas?
Yes, I did.

5. Did you find that your daughter had enough opportunity to contact home whilst away?
Yes. She bought a local sim card which made it very cheap for her to call home, so we heard from her plenty whilst she was away.

6. Whilst away did your son/ daughter have any issues which you needed to get involved in and if so how was this resolved?
Yes; my daughter decided to extend her stay in Ghana by three weeks. This meant she needed to change her flights, but because it was easy to contact her, this wasn’t a problem.

7. How did the trip affect your daughter? For example has their experience helped secure a job or university place?
It encouraged her self-confidence and was a big step in her becoming a fully independent adult. She was working on the Human Rights project in Accra and it confirmed this as an area of interest for careers for her.

8. Would you recommend Projects Abroad to a friend?
Yes - because it’s reassuring both for the young person and the parent that there is a structure in place so that if anything goes wrong they’re not on their own. Also, the fact that these are tried and tested projects where others have come home healthy and having benefitted from the experience is very reassuring and eases one’s worry about the experience.

Dit verhaal is een persoonlijke ervaring van een vrijwilliger op dit project en dus een momentopname. Houd er rekening mee dat jouw ervaring hiervan af kan wijken. Onze projecten veranderen constant, omdat we inspelen op de lokale behoefte en we voortborduren op de behaalde resultaten. Ook verschillende weersomstandigheden kunnen de ervaring beïnvloeden. Lees meer over wat je kunt verwachten van dit project of neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie.

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