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Projects Abroad

Dier- en natuurbehoud project oceaan & duiken in Thailand

Project overzicht Periodieke updates Management Plan, Data en rapporten

Management Plan

Thailand Conservation Management Plan

The Conservation Management Plan gives more detailed information about the aims and research techniques used in the project.

Data en rapporten

Species List – Fish, Sharks, Turtles & Rays

A list of all the species of fish, shark, turtles and rays recorded by Projects Abroad staff and volunteers at Phi Phi National Park as part of the Conservation Project in Thailand.

Beach Clean Up Survey 2013 - 2014

A survey showing the amount of waste removed from the beaches in the Krabi Province and local islands by Projects Abroad volunteers since 2013.

Environmental study of the coral reef 2014

An Environmental study giving a general overview of the coral reefs health in the low Andaman Sea area.

Dive Against Debris Survey 2013 - 2014

A survey showing the type of debris collected by 532 Projects Abroad staff and volunteer research divers since 2013.

Jongerenreizen Campaign 2018

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